Monday, 7 September 2009

No No Zero is playing shows again, whee!

The Poster Show IV at the Lakeshore Legion Hall this past Friday went very well, I'm happy to say. The posters were great, lots of fun people there I hadn't seen in awhile, & the venue was really something else - the main room had a wooden floor, there was a fantastic large lakeside patio, and $3 beers, ah yes.

Bands included The Ancestors, Sun Ra Ra Ra, No No Zero, Quest For Fire, and Anagram; everybody had a good set, I thought. Our first song was a nightmare (I couldn't hear myself at all), but after that it was pretty smooth sailing, and it's got me looking forward to playing Erin's do at the Atria on Sept. 18.

This time out, No No Zero was myself on the vocal mic, Mark Jarett on drums, Zak Hanna on guitar, Chris Cheeseman on guitar, and Andrew Gunn on guitar. Aside from being our first show as a band together, it was Mark's birthday too. And a full moon.

The pictures taken that night on my camera are not exactly great live band shots. Fortunately, Ivy Lovell's boombastic B&W band blog has a few of those, and she graciously let me use them here. Thanks, Ivy.

And thanks to Ryan for organizing a super night and a wonderful tribute to Mike Majewski.

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