Sunday, 27 April 2008

Eye in the sky!

No No Zero stuff again, three things this time.

First of all, I did an interview with Dixon Christie at Punk TV a few months ago and that is now up online.

There you can read about the magic mushroom freakout I had at a Neil Young and Crazy Horse concert, inspiring me to bear awesome witness to a sky-borne Freemason Money God (or something).

I wasn't the dead guy in this story, by the way. The text there really ought to read, "one of the guys I was with thought ***he*** had died". I was just the guy who was seeing a pyramid God.

Secondly, a recent record review from Edmonton that discusses this very blog. How synchronous it all is.

Thirdly, I mentioned a few posts back that Rough Stuff would soon be available on iTunes, and now it is. We can even link to it with a neat little icon.

No No Zero

Neat, eh?

Rough Stuff is available through Rhapsody Online as well.

In fact, what the heck, let's list all the places it's available online. Or a bunch at least.

Of course the first place you should look for it is at Signed By Force, our super duper label. They have the LP vinyl as well, and it's swell as hell.

If it's the 'digi' version you're looking for, you can get pixels of perversion courtesy of Heather Reisman and the fine people at And of course e-music has Rough Stuff available also.

Artist Direct has a page up for the record but there's also a note reading, "Sorry, this item is not available from ARTISTdirect." As if that weren't weird enough, they've listed who plays on the record seemingly at random, leaving most of the band off.

If you want to actually get your hands on the CD, you'll be glad to hear you have a wide range of options available to you. Online retailers are selling our CD from everything from 10.75 to almost 40 bucks!

Damn!! Is anyone anywhere actually going to pay that much to hear us? And if so why? I don't think I've ever paid that much for a CD, that's just crazy. For that price, you could buy two copies of the LP and get busy on the wheels of steel.

If dollars are not your thing, Rough Stuff is available in Euros too. Fusion Distribution even has it up with MP3s to help you make that all-important consumer decision.

Finally, I was shocked to discover there's even a retailer operating out of Estonia with Rough Stuff available.

Estonians, get your perv on!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Kitten Natividad! Exclusive No No Zero tune!

Something new here, the first time I've ever tried uploading music files. Let me know if it works for you or not.

This is a song called Kitten Natividad, after the famous actress and burlesque dancer.

Basically just the one riff, sometimes we play it for about a minute, sometimes longer. The recording *HERE* is the band stretching it out during a practise last summer to about 16 minutes, the longest we ever did.

Recorded on a four-track I believe, so the quality is low-fi. It's about 22MB so it may take awhile to come through.

Hope you dig it.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Uschi Posters Post

Mister LaRue alerted me to this the other day and I just had to share the wealth. This is a bonanza people, straight up eyes-pop-out bonanza. Michael Greenwood is a man with exquisite taste. Courtesy of Colin Geddes' super-duper Popcorn & Sticky Floors blog (don't miss his Kung-Fu Fridays blog either).