Saturday, 2 January 2010

News of the Perverse!

Most of us could use some good news. But, if the news of the day is not so good, is it too much to ask that it be at least a bit... perverted? A little bit of a slant maybe - on the usual, a little outside the lines? has some nice pages up, but is more of a one-time, in and out kind of thing. Somewhat along the same lines, The Smoking Gun's Arresting Images section of mugshots.

If you don't like the way these sites cast aspersions on the people featured - well, you'll probably hate The Unknown Highway. I guess the closest thing they have to a Sex category here is Sick. They've also kindly rounded up some Internet Perverts for you to lose your lunch over.

Weird News Files stopped running sex stories in February 2009 it would appear, the last one there being that of a man "arrested after allegedly engaging in sexual acts with two blow up dolls in a shopping center parking lot".

A search of Chuck Sheppard's News of the Weird gets about 137 results for 'sex', the same search at The Smoking Gun nets about 2,650.

World Sex News Daily is updated daily, though the content tends towards celebrity gossip & the like. Covering the same sort of territory are the Sex Gazette series of websites: for Asia, Europe, America, and Latin America. I'm not sure if these sites are still being updated, but they are very interesting to peruse, also dealing with pornography & prostitution.

Pervscan is probably the best of the bunch overall - sister site to Supervert, Pervscan has great write-ups, and shows an obvious love for the subject, but it's just not updated as often as one would like.

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