Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Four Corners Poster!

Here it is -- Ka-BLAOW! -- the quadriffic animalistic stylistics of thee grandiose Fort Polio art foremost boast in this post. Drop your LSD tablets and spend all your money on booze, this show is FREE!!!

Anagram, No No Zero, Ancestors and Teenanger all playing simultaneously July 23rd at Steelworkers Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto. 9pm BBQ 11pm show.



JULY 23 2010

Monday, 28 June 2010

Police S&M!

At the risk of being too topical or political (qualities I try to avoid here as much as possible), I confess to being pretty shocked and disgusted - and hence I suppose fascinated also - with the behaviour of the force policing the G20 in Toronto this past weekend.

Working with an unprecedented budget of nearly a billion dollars, questionable legal powers, and police and soldiers from all over the country (and even the U.S. military) totaling a force some 19,000 strong, this was the cop's show -- they were most definitely in charge and running things.

It was disturbing to see this militant show of strength in such a normally polite and casual place as downtown Toronto - as though we had been invaded by an army of cowardly bullies wearing gas masks and body armour, brandishing weapons and banging on their shields like Zulu warriors. Also very, very angry apparently.

Between the costumes, the disguises, the theatricality, and the overwhelming DOMINATION of it all, this was power play taken to extremes. And it's all so simple, even primitive - the police sacrifice a few junk cop cars, let them burn for the media, putting fear and anger into people who aren't even there. Triggering the loopholes in human brains that let them approve horror, let them applaud violence as a consequence to things that scare them.

And then the cops have the go-ahead to bust up heads: to invade, detain or beat people at random, spray tear gas into crowds of peaceful demonstrators or charge into them with horses. To go crazy basically, shoot people with rubber bullets, make mass arrests, refusing to apologize when even The Sun says they've gone too far.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Swamp Love!

"...come up hard as brass bubble from hair swamp little leather love pimple form solid lump for tongue mess..."

"...come up come up from women ocean period mecca egg farm mystery beds come up come up from where I don't ever go from profound clam stretches from breathless gill yards from gray broadloom oyster floors of girlsoul far far amazon sex control..."

"...rise rise here clity clity clity from amazing forbidden protoplasmic amoeba fulfilled woman gla gla galaxy please appear in small helmet of hope lap lap oh pearl pink precious radio crystal marvelous fruit pit of whole bumcunt harvest appear form develop unfold unshell unskin look into cocklove lead dykeplug prickgirl nrrr grrr..."

"...bridge entre men woman so I can do you pleasure my lady deliver unto me thy downtown brain..."

"...for I may never join you in the seaweed nets in the sunk hotels in the spongey jungles passive womb tubed mudlined herbal cast closet vast as Mrs. God what? you no come up? splash splash hidden for a newer tongue? for a nobler tongue? for dirtier tongue? for F. tongue? for stranger?..."

"...I go down maybe where I meant to go like a snail this automatic tongue slides down the aquarium moss shoot there is a ridge tender and yielding as the casting join of a hollow chocolate bunny I ride it down don't be ashamed all smells are alchemized..."

"...listen Edith listen to me smother listen darling love it is thy hairy hole I suck are we not joined Edith are we not proved Edith are we not breathing Edith are we not awesome lovers Edith are we not filthy postcards are we not good meals Edith are we not conversing miraculously darling pink evil fartrisk terror position darling I swear I loved you..."

- all quotations from Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Friday, 18 June 2010

Multicide - Pathogenesis!

I'd been considering posting this 1993 rarity for awhile, having never seen it shared online before. And then just today Scato posted Tactile's 1996 album Inscape on his excellent music blog At the mountain at dawn (Tactile, like Multicide, being a John Everall project) followed by My Duck Is Dead posting The Ninth Configuration (a film Pathogenesis samples heavily from).

Between both of those nice posts, this seemed like the perfect time.

So check out this creepy disc and give it a go. It's not something I listen to a whole lot, but if you want minimal beats and spooky atmospheres, this should ring your bell quite nicely. Paul Neville of Cable Regime plays guitar on the title track and Mick Harris is credited with providing mixing effects and some samples. Originally released on D.O.R., now out of print.

Multicide - Pathogenesis