Monday, 22 March 2010

Comic Book Culo Kings!

I have planned for some time now to highlight Manuel Lopez's ¡Historietas Perversas! - a blog dedicated to "cover scans of Mexican adult comics". In practise, this ends up largely being the work of Oscar Bazaldua (the reigning king of such comics) who has been at it since 1980. Mr. Lopez has kindly assembled his favourite covers into one link for easy perusal (these are also on flickr), and has similarly organized his ass-themed covers too.

If that's got you crying out más! más!, see Neat Stuff for more colour covers and deviantart for some B&W Bazaldua. Or, if you're curious to see what the inside of some of these comicbooks looks like, have a gander at Comic Mexican Cumshots.

Now any assfool should be well satisfied with the Mexican variety. But if there's one thing I like more than adult comics with big ass beauties, it's drawing thematic correlations. So let us venture across the Atlantic now, to a different Latin 'Master of the Ass'...

I speak of course of Paolo Serpieri, who has been working in comics five years longer than Bazaldua (that's 1975), and created nothing less than a worldwide ass sensation with his Druuna character - who first appeared in 1985's Morbus Gravis.

Bastantes, you cry, bastantes culo! But no, I have yet one last link in store for you: that of Erotrash, purveyor of full editions of nasty European adult comics of yesteryear. Yes, you can snap up sleazy scans of such titillating titles as Hembras Peligrosas, Historia Blue, Bionika, Sukia, and Sadosex!!

The only bummer here is that Erotrash seems to stop updating about three months ago - so it may be a dead blog, who knows? Get while the getting is good, as always. And enjoy some sex and violence in a second language!

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D. Weir said...

Fully rendered rear-enders!