Friday, 19 March 2010

The Cramps - Lonesome Town

Watching the (sadly silent) early 8mm footage of The Cramps below this afternoon had me thinking about the late great Lux Interior again, and how bizarre it still seems that he's not around anymore.

I had a yen to hear The Cramps' slower tunes all in a row, and, after I gathered them together, I figured what the heck - I may as well post them to the blog in case anyone else has the same inclination.

You may be happy to hear I have finally learned how to compress MP3s into a single file, and thus you will not need to download each track here anymore.

The Cramps - Lonesome Town

The songs included are:

1. Lonesome Town
2. Fever
3. Primitive
4. Green Fuzz
5. Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk
6. Under The Wires
7. Kizmiaz
8. It's Just That Song
9. The Strangeness In Me
10. Sinners
11. Strange Love
12. Taboo
13. Lonesome Town (Live)

LUX INTERIOR 1946-2009

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