Thursday, 1 October 2009

Tonetta777 Box Set!

Youtube's recent decision to close tonetta777's original account there has only resulted in his songs going, er, viral - and becoming something of a meme in the process. As far as I'm concerned, anything that can propel tonetta to stardom is great.

And speaking of stardom, can there be any better argument for tonetta's true greatness than his songs, plain and simple - stripped of any irony or video connotations, for good or ill? The man is a natural tune master, producing great songs at the rate some people produce bowel movements.

In the spirit of letting all and sundry enjoy these aural sculptures, I share the best thing to cross my browser in a good long while -- a six CD collection of tonetta songs!!

This comes by way of "J4mi3 H4rl3y (Snowballing)", posting at ilxor, who says that actually its his "friend Anthony you need to thank. He's been faster than me again and has already ripped everything! He's a crazy Tonetta fan".

Hmmmmmm... I can't help but notice that tonetta gives his account name as toni, which is of course short for Anthony. Also that these files, while at 192, don't sound at all like the precious few tonetta MP3 files I've found online. Indeed, I surmise these files might just be sourced from the main vein of Mr. 777 himself???

J4mi3 goes on to say, "Tonetta boys and Tonetta Girls, here's the first cd of the unofficial The Godlike Genius of Tonetta777 - Anthology Vol.1. Of course, these are all low quality rips from youtube and I hope the maestro will one day provide some goood quality ones (and charge for it!)."

Just so. I'd be first in line to buy whatever King Cock puts out. Regardless, whoever did these rips certainly did a bang-up job; they sound great. Kudos to Anthony and J4mi3 for this 122 (!!!) song collection, the long-awaited 'box set' of gooey go-go goodness, The Godlike Genius of Tonetta777 Vol. I-VI.

Vol. I
Vol. II
Vol. III
Vol. IV
Vol. V
Vol. VI



Zack said...

blacktentpress is putting out a lp next year.

Pius said...

Wicked! Can't wait to hear more about this. Congratulations Tonetta!

Anonymous said...

Which retard took all the songs from their original albums and put them in alphabetical order between 5 CDs? I had to download 4 CDs just to find the one song I wanted.

Pius said...

These comps were made before any of the albums came out.