Friday, 25 March 2011

No No Zero Got A Facebook Page!

Is this us jumping the ship? Selling out?

With the recent demise of Stillepost and no clear replacement for a place to let people know we're playing, I have decided to bite the bullet (despite my "aversion to social networking") and give Facebook a go; it seems to have become the default location for concert news and announcements so - that's my excuse. I have a lot of problems with FB but we'll try it out and see what happens.

The page went up a few days ago and now has enough 'likes' I was able to create a tailor-made URL, in this case If you have any live pics of the band or anything of that nature, please feel free to post them there.

This new page should in no way alter 'Penetrating Insights', which continues to be the de facto band blog.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Video at The Academy of Sciences!

A video recording of three songs early on in our set at The Academy of Sciences last Saturday; they are "Five Seconds", "Humans Are Bovine", and "Closet Case". You may note that about 2:30, Chris Thief gets into it with somebody in the crowd and briefly loses his guitar.

I was singing with my eyes closed for a bit at this point. When I opened them, I was surprised to see Chris being dragged across the floor upsidedown by his legs, his guitar trailing behind him. A couple of women with small brooms were hurriedly sweeping broken glass from the area in front of the stage. I wanted to ask them to sweep me up too.

Thanks to Ireek Sofakia for shooting this and uploading it. She also has The People of Canada, Deutsche Banks and The Get Nuns from the same night.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Live At The Academy of Sciences!

The show last night was lots of fun, thanks to Bo at the Academy of Sciences - a pleasantly psychedelic venue - and the other bands who played (The Get Nuns, Deutsche Banks, La Casa Muerte, The People of Canada).

Photos by GB may capture something of the technicolour vibe if you couldn't make it out...

Deutsche Banks

No No Zero

Friday, 18 March 2011

No No Zero interview on AUX TV!

Well, the interview I did last September with Sam Sutherland for AUX's online show "Exclaim TV Presents Garageland" is now up. See me talk some nonsense behind the Silver Dollar, in addition to some nice footage of the band playing a couple of songs there too ("Eurosleaze" and "Colossal Penetrations" for the record).

Get hooked and come see us tomorrow night!

Thanks to Sam Sutherland, Ashley Carter, and Justin Taylor.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Swamp Terrorists - Grow Speed Injection!

I had a friend ask me to upload this one today so I figured, what the hey, I might as well share it with whoever is looking at this blog too.

Swamp Terrorists were, I daresay, sort of like a Swiss take on KMFDM, what with the metal riffs, hip hop beats, movie samples, and "industrial" style vocals; "Grow Speed Injection" is the band's sophomore record, considered by many their best.

In 1991, when this was released, I was volunteering at CKCU, a university radio station in Ottawa. I was doing a lot of acid at the time, and found this a hilarious record to listen to on the stuff. That's about all I can offer in the way of a recommendation, good or bad.

"Green Blood", "Braintrash" and "Rawhead" are clear highlights for me, along with "S.S.M.". This is really cheesey, make no mistake -- but, if you like that sort of thing, you're in for a treat.

Swamp Terrorists - Grow Speed Injection

Friday, 11 March 2011

No No Zero practise pics!

For your edification, some great photographs taken by Alyssa Katherine Faoro at a recent band practise.

No No Zero here is Zak Hanna on guitar, Chris Thief on guitar, Pius Priapus on vocals, and Gideon Steinberg on drums. Siânteuse sent her regrets.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

No No Zero Dropping Science!

As to the promised details of the next No No Zero show - with Toronto's own fantastic fuzzy sweet leaf legends Grasshopper, as well as the dynamically devastating Deutsche Banks - they are as follows:


west of Lansdowne, south of Bloor on Ruttan Road
or north of Dundas on Sterling Road past the Nestle factory


NO NO ZERO - 1am





(drinks also available at the academy)

Hope to see you there. This is likely to be the last appearance of the band as a five-piece, at least for awhile. Someone said six players was a sextet and I thought that sounded pretty good.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ladies with Skulls!

It turns out this is my 300th post here. For the occasion, I figured I'd post something just because I felt like it - something special I've been filing away for awhile - and that special something turned out to be pictures of women with skulls.

As ever, it seems someone else with a blog had the same inclination (and not too long ago either, just a fortnight!) so I'll share their fine collection of images as well - I think we've just the one duplication between us.