Friday, 25 March 2011

No No Zero Got A Facebook Page!

Is this us jumping the ship? Selling out?

With the recent demise of Stillepost and no clear replacement for a place to let people know we're playing, I have decided to bite the bullet (despite my "aversion to social networking") and give Facebook a go; it seems to have become the default location for concert news and announcements so - that's my excuse. I have a lot of problems with FB but we'll try it out and see what happens.

The page went up a few days ago and now has enough 'likes' I was able to create a tailor-made URL, in this case If you have any live pics of the band or anything of that nature, please feel free to post them there.

This new page should in no way alter 'Penetrating Insights', which continues to be the de facto band blog.


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