Thursday, 14 May 2009

Jesjit Gill!

Last Sunday I went to TCAF for the first time -- that's the Toronto Comic Arts Festival -- and it was a whole mess of comic artists taking over the Toronto Reference Library, a weird & wonderful gathering of talent, including such legends as Chester Brown, Adrian Tomine, Seth, and Yoshihiro Tatsumi.

Seated at a table with long time friends Davis Weir & Fiona Smyth was a guy I had not met previously, whose art made the greatest impression on me of the festival - Jesjit Gill.

Mr. Gill has been screen-printing for about five years now and, not only does he make fantastic screen-printed band posters and artwork (as well as the free Free Drawings newspaper), he teaches other people how to do it as well. Very punk rock & I am happy to say he was a really nice guy too.

Catch his work at the Public Address show on now through June 11th!

Below is some of his work I've nicked from these various sites.

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