Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Starkweather Fix's Turn For Videos!

So I have continued using iMovie to (fairly quickly) create 'videos' for Youtube, this time for a couple of tunes by my first band, The Starkweather Fix. First off, I tackled "Quickie" which, being all of ten seconds long, was not so challenging; a few pics of PG kneetremblin' action going down, a couple of band pics, and we're off to the races.

Next I tried that new mix of "Wet Blanket" that Neeler Peeler did last year on his Missing Tapes site. This track was a good minute and a half and I was trying to use all band-related pics - could I make it work? Well... I could've used more pics, no doubt about it, but a bit of repetition at the end is no big deal, I figure.

Hope you enjoy. I'll likely be adding some bands I dig in the coming days (I have a couple of White Flame tracks up already) so check back at my account. Who knows what we'll see posted?


Video for "Tourniquet", a song played only once, improvised live at the Different Drum Cafe in Oshawa, March 31, 1996

Monday, 25 April 2011

Uschi: The Youtube Video!

On a whim last night, I finally decided to try my hand at actually uploading a video to Youtube (I know, I'm rather late to the whole business). After a trial run uploading White Flame's "Lewd Dude" with just a simple pic of the LP cover (a song which was, rather shockingly, missing heretofore from Youtube's collection), I was ready to try something a little more advanced.

It had long been a dream of mine to create a simple 'video' for No No Zero's song "Uschi" (off Rough Stuff) with either film footage or still photographs of the lady herself; just a simple visual compliment to the song, something to connect someone hearing it with a person they may not be familiar with (or alternately all too familiar with).

With such a project in mind, I tried to use iMovie for the first time and crashed the computer (quite a feat really). A second attempt involved not only trying to learn the application, but searching desperately for enough PG-rated pictures of Uschi (video was too difficult by half) to make up the three and a half minutes running time of the song.

After what seems like nine hours or so, I think it's finally ready to come into the world. Ladies & gentlemen, let me present the fruits of my labours: a video for No No Zero's tribute-in-song "Uschi"!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Over 1000 Pics On Sleazy Meanz Tumblr!

Yesterday, I surpassed the one thousand picture mark on this blog's NSFW photo sister site Sleazy Meanz. I figured that was a legitimate reason to remind you it exists: lots and lots of my own secret blend of naked ladies and whatnot, combined with the occasional Sleazy Meanz mash-up.

If you've not seen it before, here's a look at what's gone up thus far.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

No Sex!

Wow. Really? Saying no to sex is in? Fashionable?

Women are unhappy sexually. Men are making due with internet porn; growing impossible expectations in the process, or giving up the game altogether.

Is this true?

And is "the culture is still weirdly prurient about the idea of other people — particularly women — not having sex"? Are women not capable of being leaders because they're predisposed to being low in the sex drive department?

From the NY Times article:

"This kind of thinking is offensive and, actually, insane; sex isn’t the anti-kryptonite. But because we’re all post-Freudians, it’s as if we still believe sex equals strength, health and life; and therefore, not-sex equals weakness, illness and death."

Weakness, illness, and death. Sure sounds sexy to me.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Sphinxs Got An Album!

No No Zero brethren Chris Thief and Siânteuse are also both in Toronto powerhouse The Sphinxs (sort of formerly The Bang Bangs) and their debut album, long in the works, was mixed yesterday by Mixmaster Nyles Miszczyk, wahoo!

Not only that, but Tim McCready has posted "the single" off the yet to be released record -- the intriguing, pulsating, exotic, erotic, slightly-new wave-sounding, very-different-from-the-first-time-I-heard-it "Asia Minor". Listen to it 777 times!

Then go see them tonight at The Shop under Parts & Labour (1566 Queen St. W.) where they is playing and slaying with In The Red devils Davila 666 and local combo The Modern Superstitions.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sounds of Niagara Falls!

You may remember a post here a couple of years ago on the topic of Shrunken Heads, wherein Ripley's Museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario was discussed?

Well, I visited the Honeymoon Capital again this past weekend, and while I was there, I did a bit of audio socio-history or ethno-something-or-other. That is to say, I recorded some of the 'barker loops' outside tacky Clifton Hill tourist traps like the Rock Legends Wax Museum or the nearby House of Frankenstein. Also inside Casino Niagara, which definitely has its own strange audio ambiance.

These are by no means whatsoever great recordings, let me make that clear at the outset. But they are pretty funny stuff at times and they certainly provide some atmosphere along with all the wind noise. Hope you enjoy!

Rock Legends Wax Museum
House of Frankenstein
Casino Niagara (kind of soothing)