Monday, 22 December 2008

Rough Stuff #1 Album of 2008!

Says who? Well, CJAM 91.5 FM out of Windsor-Detroit does.

"I Am Collecting Beautiful Things"
says the rest:
"A few weeks ago I was trashing the idea of very standardized Best Of 2008 lists. It wouldn't be right to criticize without putting out my own list of favourite albums released this year, so here you have it. No No Zero released a mindlessly fun album about sex, which is still highly listenable 8+ months after hearing it for the first time, which makes it a no brainer at #1".

Thank you CJAM. What a nice way to end the year.


Johnny LaRue said...

Talk about legs. Considering that it originally came out, what, two or three years ago?

Pius said...

And it just keeps coming out again. In the States, they're going to think this is a 2009 release.