Monday, 30 August 2010

September Show Poster!

And here's the poster for our next show! By now you know the artist, of course - Mr. Fort Polio himself, Ryan Halpenny. Where he got the idea from is anyone's guess...

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Another show!

Last night, No No Zero played Double Double Land with Ghostlight (here's some pictures of Philippe Blanchard's projections at the show). Today, I am happy to announce we're playing another fun show less than a month from now.

Check this smorgasbord line-up of Canadian punk styles:

Brutal Knights (Toronto)
Statues (Sudbury)
No No Zero
Germ Attak (Ottawa)
Dead Wife (Montreal)

Friday September 24th
at The Silver Dollar

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Buzz The Jerk!

The jerk is out for a while getting buzzed. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Free Drawings 8 Poster!

Just released today, here's Jesjit Gill's poster for the upcoming Free Drawings 8 release show at Double Double Land August 27th.

Don't misunderstand, the show is only *three* bones.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Free Drawings #8 is out now!

With the release of its eighth ish, it would seem Jesjit Gill is taking his Free Drawings series of crazy, drippy newsprint comics out behind the barn and shooting it in the head. And that is very sad, for this was perhaps the greatest free collection of its kind that Toronto has ever seen.

If it must be the end, at least it promises to be a glorious one. #8 includes the work of the following sick minds: Seth Scriver, Adam Buttrick, Chris Kline, Owen Plummer, Matt King, Luke Ramsey, Mark Connery, Peter Kalyniuk, Fiona Smyth, Marc Bell, Peter Thompson, Stephen Appleby Barr, Hugh Langis, Manfred Naescher, Morgan Criger, Nadina Tandy, Amy Bowles, Tad Michalak, Laura Mccoy, Keith Herzik, Jacob Whibley, Adrienne Kammerer, Lane Milburn, Zoe Barcza, Bill Mcwright, Steph Davidson, Alex Mackenzie, Tomas Del Balso, Victor Kerlow, Vanessa Rieger, Juliana Eye, Dave Weir, Leon Sadler, Marco Landini, Ginette Lapalme, Michael Comeau, Pete Dako, and Michael Deforge.

Jesjit is celebrating the release with an August 27th show at Double Double Land, featuring projections by Philippe Blanchard, Adrienne Kammerer and Michael Comeau spinning the wax fantastic, Ghostlight melting your brain, and No No Zero quickening your sex pulse. Admission is $3.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Marilyn at Santa Monica Beach 1962!

Thanks go out to Anonymous, who tipped us off that the photos of Marilyn Monroe I asked about earlier were taken by George Barris in July of '62 at Santa Monica Beach. They are in fact some of the last photographs taken of Marilyn before she died (Barris and Monroe were working on a piece for Cosmopolitan but were also said to be discussing a book project together).

Youtube has a great clip of the shoot at Santa Monica up - about the 2:12 mark, we get some tantalizing footage of Marilyn playing with seaweed again.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Marilyn Monroe with Algae!

Is this picture not amazing?

I stumbled across it in a tumblr feed last night, and have since been able to find another photo taken the same day.

Where were these photographs shot? What was the year? What were the circumstances? Does anyone have any details whatsoever about these pictures?

I, for one, eagerly await answers.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Bodil Joensen!

[NOTE: Only three links here go to pages with photographs of actual bestiality going on; these are designated with an *]

Working on yesterday's post, on bestiality-themed adult novel covers, had me pondering some sort of larger post on bestiality. Maybe I could address the seemingly 'co-ed' nature [PDF] of the desire for sex with animals? I'd seen Zoo and found that fairly interesting - in particular, the idea of a house or commune of sorts, dedicated to a sexual interest of near-universal disdain, was quite fascinating to me. Even the slow introduction of this taboo subject to the public imagination (gerbils in the butt, sheep jokes, Mr. Hands, Mr. Tombe, Mr. Spink) was worthy of attention.

The problem came soon after I began looking at links. I was forced to confront a basic, troubling fact: bestiality is something that, speaking personally, not only holds absolutely no sexual attraction for me, it actually squicks me out and gives me that peculiar, unpleasant sensation I rarely find anymore in my internet sex journeying.

Simply put, I was put off.

And this is difficult for me because I'd like to think I could get past any 'ickiness' and just examine the material without getting involved in it emotionally or in regards to my own tastes.

In an abstract way, I have no real problem with zoophilia; I can certainly imagine how an individual might find it pleasurable under the 'right circumstances' -- on a deserted island after a few lonely years, maybe -- but the reality of bestiality as a predilection, and all the things that go along with modern sexual interests - magazines, movies, toys, websites*, clubs, meet-ups... Seeing that, I find myself aghast. I am finally, it seems, square. I just can't deal with the nitty gritty details of the zoo world.

I do still find Bodil Joensen interesting though.

I guess she may represent a rare point of entry for a great many people into this normally-off-limits area - bestiality's only real cross-over star*, she had a certain picturesque beauty, a sordid life* in a rich zeitgeist and a tragic end; things combined which almost guarantee one some kind of infamy if not outright fame.

There isn't a great deal of information out there on Bodil's life; the best source available is Jack Stevenson's book "Fleshpot: Cinema's Sexual Myth Makers And Taboo Breakers" which features a chapter on both her life and her films.

From Stevenson's "Dead Famous: The Life And Movies Of Cinema's Most Exploited Figure, Bodil Joensen" --

A turning point in her young life came... when she had an enlightening conversation with a pervert/pederast who told her all about "men, animals and sex" - topics she had never heard about and that fascinated her. They just talked. The pervert never touched her. However, someone reported their meeting to Bodil's mother who called the police. They came and collared the pervert, searched him and found a bottle of chloroform which earned him a short prison sentence. Her mother beat her savagely when she got home from the police station, locking her away in the attic for several days and bringing food up to her. Assuming that she'd been assaulted, her mother judged her to be a vile slut who was not fit to dine with the family. Bodil reacted with shock followed by hysterical defiance. "I said to mama that when I grew up I'd fuck boars. I couldn't think of anything more naughty. She was so shocked that she thought I was allied with the devil."

After a period of near-respectability - when 1970's A Summer's Day famously won 'Grand Prix' at the first Wet Dream Film Festival - Bodil fell on hard times, became depressed, took up drinking, and survived thanks to, "a hectic routine of small scale live shows". By 1980, she had turned to prostitution and stated that, "in my position it is hard to turn down anything, no matter how disgusting... for me, staying alive in the hooking business is hell".

For a long time, what became of Bodil was a mystery. For many years, she was rumoured to have committed suicide some time in the 1980s; as part of his research however, Jack Stevenson was unable to discover any evidence as of mid-2005 of either her suicide or her death. The following year, the BBC presented "The Real Animal Farm" as part of its "Dark Side of Porn" series, and in this documentary a friend revealed that Joensen died of cirrhosis of the liver (brought on by alcoholism) in January of 1985.

Bodil has a grave in Denmark, which you can see here. She is buried beside her long-time partner Knud P. Andersen who died in 1997.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

xNovel 2: Bestiality Covers!

We're very close to 100,000 visits since I added a counter to the blog in September of 2008. I figured I needed to do something special for the occasion. But what to do?

I don't actually have any hard data on the subject, but from looking over the Live Traffic Feed from time to time, it's pretty clear to me that Penetrating Insights has a handful of posts that far surpass the others in popularity; these very popular posts include the Chikan post, the Mai Lin post, and the xNovel post.

A few months ago, I looked over the xNovel post and noticed that I had promised a sequel concentrating solely on bestiality-themed novel covers. This had, in fact, never happened (no one ever asked about it, by the way). I looked for the files but couldn't find them, so I made a mental note at the time to keep an eye out for it - until I just found them today, about an hour (or three) ago.

So now, without taking much more time to consider whether it is wise to post about such things, I present the 30+ covers I withheld a year and a half ago when I did the original post on xNovel (plus a few more the site has posted since then). You may be interested to know that xNovel is still up (if "comatose") and their collection of adult paperbacks now stands at 1695 titles.

Most of the bestiality books I found there focused on either dogs or horses, although you get the 'odd' pony, ape, donkey, lion, wolves or pig thrown in as well. Barns and farms figure prominently, it's not rocket science as to why.

Dogs -

Horses -

A dog and a horse -

A dog, a horse and a pig -

Or none of the above -

Something about the next few covers makes me wonder if they might have been aimed at female readers -

Sex-Crazed Stallion (author unknown) is a genuinely pretty whacked-out read by the way.

Now, actual genitals-exposed sexual zoophilia is never depicted on these covers. I think that probably would've been illegal. So the implication of animal-loving is frequently limited to an animal-themed pun in the title and an animal's appearance on the cover.

My favourite of these cover appearances - ubiquitous at Liverpool Library Press, it would seem - being the German Shepherd with its tongue hanging out...

In some cases, the title alone alludes to the subject and it's humans-only on the cover - one assumes for the more sensitive markets that were OK with the words "ANIMALS" or "BEASTIALITY" appearing on the cover of a stroke-book, just so long as there were no actual beasts or animals present.

Let's not forget the incest and S&M/B&D themes which were so prevalent in the original xNovel post. They of course appear here as well, only with animals added into the mix!

In case the curious burrow in the background isn't clear enough for you, this one's gone and had the poor woman literally spell it out for you on the cover.

And finally, here's those tighty-whiteys again.

Hope you enjoyed!