Friday, 30 April 2010

The Artwork of Tonetta!

We all know Tonetta has songwriting prowess like nobody's business. You may have even surmised from some of his songs that he's a sketchy guy. But did you know he was no slouch at drawing either?

Here are some of Tony's pieces for your lonesome eyeballs.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pervert Powers!

Working himself to a fine erection
Injected with an algaeic confection
He sees through clothes and after hours
Finds he has the strangest powers!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tonetta's Record Is Out!

Black Tent Press out of Los Angeles, USA are now taking orders for Tonetta's debut LP (with CD included) -- 777! They have put the track listing up on their site and it is very interesting to see what songs were included and what songs didn't make the cut:

My Bro
Still a Slave
A Really Big Cock*
John and Yoko**
Metal Man
God Treats You Right
I'm Gonna Marry a Prostitute
My 10$ Axe
I'll Remain as I am
Drugs Drugs Drugs
Peeping Tom
Crucify Me
Believe Me People
Red White and Blue
You Got Too Much***
Toronto is Starting To Stink
Devil Devil

*originally posted on Youtube as Cock Rock; currently unavailable.
**posted on Youtube; currently unavailable.
***originally posted on Youtube as She's Got Too Much; currently unavailable.


It would appear BTP (or Tonetta himself) has opted for a songwriter-type collection, as opposed to the dancefloor sleazeathon I might have gone with myself. It's hard to say for sure as there quite a few songs here I'm not familiar with (which is itself exciting).

With only one slab o' wax to work with, you can't include everything of course -- it makes sense that for a debut recording, you want to show people the full range of Tonetta's talents; "777" appears to be just such a showcase. Note that Tonetta has his own Facebook page now and is soliciting ideas for tracks to be included on "777 Vol. 2"!

Personally, I'm a little sad not to see booming tracks like "Lean and Mean", "Death Sentence", "60000 Volts", "MMM! MAMA!" or "G & B Showers" here (maybe next time?) - but, on the other hand, we do have "$Viral$", "$10 Axe" and the already-classic "Drugs Drugs Drugs" to look forward to. Also the newer "Metal Man" and the sublime "Still A Slave". What the hey, I like all the songs here - though I might have gone with "Saddam" over "Red, White & Blue".

I just hope I can get one of these babies (only 500 pressed) before they sell out! Otherwise, I'm going to be making this face --

Friday, 23 April 2010

The Photographs of Rodney Alcala!

US serial killer and amateur photographer Rodney Alcala -- dubbed the Dating Game Killer for a successful appearance on the show -- was recently sentenced to death for the third time (the first two convictions were overturned).

In an unusual move, police have released some 215 photographs found in a storage locker of Alcala's, photographs believed to be taken by him & quite possibly containing many as-yet-unknown victims. To date, 21 women from the pictures have been identified, all of them still alive (though one says Alcala did molest her).

If the amount of photos is unprecedented, it's only fitting: Alcala may be the US' most prolific serial killer, suspected of killing more than 34 people. Often compared to Ted Bundy, and similarly possessed of great charm and a high IQ, Alcala strangled and resuscitated those he was killing so as to prolong their deaths. Afterward, he often posed the dead bodies into positions for more photographs.

Because Alcala's killings took place in the 1970s - he's been in custody since 1979 - the released photos are filled with evocative touches of a by-gone era: flares, long straight hair, huge headphones, groovy fashions, now-vintage LPs, a t-shirt bearing the slogan "I'm in debt but I love my Vette".

Not to mention that you are, when viewing these pictures, very literally seeing things from a killer's point of view. What would Laura Mulvey say?

Sunday, 11 April 2010


Can someone really be scared to death?
Literally so scared they cease living?
Maybe sometimes?
Or something like that?
Maybe only in certain places?

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Album Re-Ups!

In lieu of having time for real posting here, I've been re-upping past album shares as single files when I can and I now have a few here to tell you about. These are now available in one zipfile as opposed to the individual MP3s I had before.

So - less clicking for you, the lazy surfer.

I'll be doing more as time goes on, but for the time being, here is:

Azonic - Halo
Azonic - Skinner's Black Laboratories tracks
Blind Alley - Ruby Kennel Club
Bodychoke - Five Prostitutes
The Cramps - Lonesome Town
The Curse - Teenage Meat
Gravitar - Live at the Gold Dollar, Detroit 1999
KK Null & James Plotkin - Aurora
KK Null & James Plotkin - Aurora Remixes
Loop - Live Limited Edition

Take note: with the exception of the Cramps 'slow songs' comp, these fine shares are all @ 320 kbps.

Remember, I love it when you leave me messages!