Thursday, 25 October 2012

Loads of Youtube Uploads!

I've been busy lately uploading music to Youtube, sometimes with just a cover scan, sometimes a scan of the booklet art, sometimes actual editing of gathered visuals. Some you may recognize as things I've posted here on the blog, others are 'all new'.

In the last month or so alone:

Kittens - Butterfly
Sensational - Excellence Makes Wack Irrelevant
Gilbert/Hampson/Kendall - Quad
David Shea and Robert Hampson - Untitled 2
Space City USA - Nice Time
Pecola - Worker And Parasite
Walking Timebombs - Fade
Pica - Uncoordinated Universal Time
Main - Occlusion
Shar Pei - If There Be Thorns
Kanal - Supplicant And The Turnkey (Ocosi Mix)
The Starkweather Fix - Mai Lin
Blind Alley - Until The Light Returns
Consumer Electronics and Merzbow - Horn of the Goat
Skullflower - Hamburger Lady
The Starkweather Fix - Majestic Burning Bush
Mason Jones and Jojo Hiroshige - Live Osaka '97
Cosmic Psychos - Hard
God - Suck Like A Leech
James Plotkin - Intruder?
Superconductor - Ride The Big Penis
Bomb - B/E/A/F/A/G
Cheater Slicks - Hypnosis
Loop - Pulse (Live)
Loop - From Centre To Wave (Live)
Loop - Black Sun (Live)
Blind Alley - Sister Smile
Skullflower - The Pirate Ship Of Reality Moves Out (Live)
Merzbow - Elephants Memory
K.K. Null - Kundalini Dance

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Exploders' Second Record!

Back in 2006, The Exploders' second full-length record - variously titled Explode Her One, AKA Part 2, AKA The Problem - was given an ultra-limited release by Regal Beast; a CD housed inside an LP sleeve (found LP included), with booklet, all given the Michael Comeau silkscreening treatment.

Not many copies were made, but I'm happy to report that Exploders head honcho Classy Craig Daniels has uploaded a 320 kbps copy (including the front cover art), and has made it available free of charge for anyone who might not have caught the record the first time around.

Scorching originals and covers of Motörhead, Daevid Allen, and Sky Saxon & The Seeds! Recorded by Rick White (in 2002)! The Exploders' 21st century styles!

The Exploders - Explode Her One