Friday, 19 June 2009

Gianna Michaels!

Post contains porn links NSFW!!

I've wanted to do something on Gianna Michaels here for awhile - she is my absolute favourite 'actress' currently in porn, and has been so for a long time. Aside from having an incredible body, she is very funny & personable, and provides an energy and style during her scenes that is second to none. She can also be quite nasty.

I felt her recent DVD showcase "G for Gianna" was a bit too glossy & pretty, personally; if you're looking for somewhere to start, I would recommend any of the many things she's done for BangBros. Quality however is a constant with Gianna - she's never boring.

"In a world of copycat porn where everyone spots a trend and follows it, Gianna doesn't follow the crowd. She has an all natural look to her that sets her apart from all others to the point that you would never mistake her for another porn star. Gianna is all woman and is not afraid to speak her mind or afraid to call you out."

Here's a couple of songs entitled after the lady -- "Gianna Michaels" by A.H. Kraken, from their 7"; and the brief pornogrind comp appearance "Cumming on Gianna Michaels" by Rotten Crotch.

Gianna Michaels - A.H. Kraken
Cumming on Gianna Micheals - Rotten Crotch

If you've just got to hear Gianna herself, Roger Pipe has graciously made the audio of their interview available online. Listen to it over and over while you work at your desk, and smile at your co-workers with the benefit of your present company.


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