Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sandra Torralba!

I've been seeing some photos from the "Estranged Sex" series showing up here and there on tumblr and chan sites - and I found them quite remarkable - but just discovered today the identity of the artist: Spanish photographer Sandra Torralba.

Here is a Spanish language making of video concerning one of the more controversial images from the series; that of the 'rape fantasy'. For contrast, the amusing short 'Las Tetas' film. Her flickr photostream, featuring stills from the making of Estranged Sex IXX.

A few interviews with the artist here, here, here, here, and here.

One of Torralba's images is a very matter-of-fact teabagging. I enjoyed her comments on this piece:

"Ever since someone told me about the tea bagging endeavour, I was intrigued by it. It repulsed me of course, it was one of these things that automatically make you feel angry and disgusted. Maybe even so more if you are a woman. Yet there was something very funny about it, especially if could envisage yourself in the place of the owner of the tea bagging testicles.

One of the main purposes of this series is not only to challenge people's ideas and feelings about various aspects of sexual life, but primarily to challenge [my own]. If there is something I feel I don't understand and I feel disgust towards, now that is interesting and shall be explored.

When you face the things that maybe frighten or repulse you, it's somehow liberating. I find that understanding, humour and honesty do help me live a freer life where I am not trapped in my own taboos. Don't get me wrong, if someone ever tea bags me and I wake up and likely quick
[kick?] their balls with my forehead. Understanding does NOT mean accepting, does NOT mean you have to like it, it just means you are no longer stuck in your disgust, fear, or anger.

Also we live our lives with much drama, and to be fair, we have a point. Life is full of misery and pain all the way round, yet there is something very ridiculous and enjoyable about life too, which I aim to rescue within this series."

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