Sunday, 15 March 2009

How Green Was My Sex Life!

Lawrence Lariar is perhaps best remembered today as the long-time editor of Best Cartoons of the Year (second story), but he was himself a pioneering cartoonist, humourist, mystery novelist (under such pen names as Adam Knight, Michael Stark, and Michael Lawrence), and prolific writer.

Lariar's 1955 "How Green Was My Sex Life!" (which he both wrote & illustrated) has long been a favourite of mine. I bought a copy on Yonge St. in the early 90s, & used a few of the pictures for The Starkweather Fix's website, as well as promo for our 1996 CD, "What The Swedish Butler Heard".

Sure, the women are beautiful. But it is the men here who fascinate. The eyes of the males in particular are striking, suggestive (along with the shakey hands) of a barely-contained sex madness.

I was very excited to finally scan this rare work & put the pics (120 of them, by one count) onto my flickr account, making them available to the world at large -- but it looks as though I'd have to break the book's spine in order to scan the pictures inside properly, & I just can't bear to do it. Sorry.

So, for the time being, I present the dust jacket and the cover of the book itself, along with some detail.

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