Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Animals of the Past!

I knew that children's sticker books had been around a fair while, though the fact that there were actual Nazi Youth sticker albums in 1940s Germany was news to me.

I'll have to introduce this Golden Stamp Book then as being medieval, as opposed to ancient; first published in 1954, mine is the 23rd printing, from 1982.

The book is written by Rose Wyler and Gerald Ames, with beautiful colour stamps by Matthew Kalmenoff, and line drawings by Robert Gartland.

I wonder whether Golden Stamp revised the information presented throughout its many editions; no doubt much, if not all, of the text would need revising today.

In any case, here's a blast from the past. eBay has an unused copy of this going for $40US, making me wish I had been slightly more lazy about actually putting the stickers in the book than I was.

I believe I still have most of the stamps unused somewhere, but I can't remember where now of course.

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