Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Starkweather Fix @ The Star Club!

This is a scanned close-up off a contact sheet I found recently, which I believe was taken by Mr. Mark Laking. I probably could have cleaned the contact sheet better before I scanned it, but whatever. I think any dust/scratchiness just adds to it really.

Not sure what date this was. I suspect it may be a show known as Fuckfest, in which case it would be May 6 1994. Incidentally, my girlfriend at the time was the spicy hot number in the lower left corner. Me-ow.

The room we're in was the Eclipse Club on Simcoe Street in Oshawa, which was next door, connected to, and sister club to the Moon Room.

Mike Star, of Star Records fame, had been presenting shows for many years (and at various venues, such as the Orange Temple, seen below) by this point -- the banners in the back attest to the Eclipse taking its turn here as the Rock'Roll'N'Blues Star Club of our drunken memories.

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