Monday, 12 October 2009

Arthur De Pins!

My brain still feels like jello after the other night, so I'll make this short and sweet and note that Arthur De Pins' cartoons are not only sexy as hell, but they're contemporary -- two qualities that often seem at odds with each other. He's even making these sexy cartoons with computers!

Unlike so many artists working in a sexual milieu, De Pins features all kinds of bodies in his work (with an emphasis on wide-hipped women I can't help but enjoy) and there's an unusual concern with the body within it: people check other people out, for instance, and we see that knowledge of the other is not always positive.

Indeed, De Pins' 2000 animated debut short Geraldine is about a man waking up to find his body is now that of a woman; these bodily changes, and the resulting change in how Gerald/ine is treated, inform the humour of the piece.

If bodies can sometimes be trouble in De Pins' world, sex at least is always fun. Even kinky scenes are imbued with a sunny, almost childlike, wonder.

Be sure to check out the Advertising > Animations section of his website, which has lots of fun little Flash bits to check out.

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