Friday, 30 January 2009

Dwarves 1992!

Back in 1992, my favourite band in the world was the Dwarves. And in the summer of that year, I got to see them twice - at the Trasheteria in Guelph and again in the basement of the Drake in Toronto.

Both were wicked, fast, fun and dangerous sets - in Guelph, there was a topless lady lying across the stage, and Blag got knocked down by the crowd and took a few punches; in Toronto, there were *many* bottles thrown and the floor was covered with broken glass and spilt beer (also, the Supersuckers played a cover of Ice Cube's Dead Homiez, which was great).

Here are some pics from the Guelph show. I interviewed the band too, but I'm be damned if I can find a copy of that now (if I ever do, I'll add it here).


Johnny LaRue said...

Those are some great pictures.

Pius said...

Thanks man. It was a magical evening.

As soon as my flickr account limit rolls over, I'm going to post some more. So look for that in a couple of days.