Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Million Dollar Saloon!

So this is a print made by Angel Erotique's breasts at the Million Dollar Saloon, August 28th, 1997. I found it in amongst a whole bunch of old gig posters.

The Million Dollar Saloon was a strip club in the basement of the historic Genosh Hotel in downtown Oshawa, a long-disused building which may be finally seeing some measure of reclamation in the year to come.

I actually played a show there once, with The Exploding Tits no less, opening for some GM hair band called Wyld Bulletz or something.

Six or so songs into our set, the bartender told us to quit, we were done. We then played a long cover of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and, at the end of that, I left my bass to feedback against its amp, ha ha ha. We were not paid.

As to Angel Erotique - if I even recall her name correctly - the internet holds no secrets I can find. She is lost to the sands of time, leaving behind only some pink, green and yellow paint - and an excuse for this post.

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