Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Moss Man!

Moss Man was an action figure from the Masters of the Universe collection back in the 1980s. As Wikipedia notes, his was not an auspicious beginning:

The figure is essentially a green repaint of the Beast Man action figure, covered with fuzzy "moss" with the fangs painted over and a pine scent added to the body. He has a mace that is a recast of a weapon from the original Castle Grayskull.

Initially, sort of a cheap, thrown-together character then. But from manure springs forth roses, and so it was with Moss Man. He has gone from being a simple spy, adept at camouflage and able to blend in with his background, to nothing less than Eternia's Green Man, a god of nature whose immense power over flora and fauna marks him as something of a master over life itself.

The action figure roots of Moss Man have held persistent fascination with legions of fans and collectors over the years however, and the number of Moss Man sculptures out there now is anyone's guess.

Whether a Beast Man knock-off or a towering forest giant, Moss Man resonates. His enduring appeal is a fuzzy sensation, a growing phenomenon, and a shared love affair with the sweetest smelling little tough guy of all time.