Monday, 21 September 2009

The Bon's 7" Release Party!

My rocking weekend continued Saturday evening as I made my way to the Trash Palace to see former Exploders bandmate 'Classy' Craig Daniels' new outfit The Bon release their début recording, a very sharp 7" (in stereophonic sound!) on Tim Hanna's Boppa Do Down Records.

The two songs featured on this slab o' wax - "Stupid Question" b/w "Ancient Times" - are garage rock pop of the highest order, and the sort of thing Craig does as well or better than anyone, as far as I'm concerned. Much respect to this rapscallion of riffs!

First up were Catl, who you will no doubt be familiar with if you follow this blog. The trio have been playing a lot lately and it showed; their set was smooth like silk and raw like bad language. Some of these new Catl tunes are pretty crazy too, so be sure and see them live to catch the extended dance breakdowns and all that.

Between sets, I explored Stacey Case's merch table and was treated to a complimentary copy of his new "Sonics Live In Toronto" boot by the man himself. Thanks, Stacey! It sounds great, by the way.

The Bon are a tight, fun band with great players, a varied set and a diverse sound. It'll be interesting to see what surprises a full-length by the band might contain -- I will say that "Penny Candy" is one of my Bon faves, and the brand-new "The Whammy" kicked all kinds of ass. Visual accompaniment by vintage Six Million Dollar Man vs. Andre the Giant in a Bigfoot costume? A perfect choice. And the ascot was in full effect...


The Bon's next show is with none other than No No Zero, along with Filthy Rich and The Ultimatemost High, at Mitzi's Sister on October 10th.

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