Saturday, 12 September 2009

KK Null & James Plotkin - Aurora / Remixes

The mid-1990s saw a particularly rich series of collaborative records made, and this is a personal favourite of mine from that era. With K.K. Null and James Plotkin jamming on guitar (recorded on four-track, with Null sending Plotkin recordings to work with), you might well expect that this was going to be an extremely loud and noisy album.

In fact, Aurora (1993, Sentrax/Rawkus) goes the other way entirely and is a great example of what was alternately called 'dark ambient' or 'isolationist' at the time -- generally drumless space, often a bit scary or eerie in tone, perhaps best suited to headphones for a properly immersive experience. Music for those who enjoy a bad trip, as it were.

Also of its time was a follow-up remix record, Aurora Remixes (1996), featuring Scorn, Yab Yum, and DJ Spooky lending their considerable talents, as well as some remixing by James Plotkin. The first track off Aurora - Neuro (Remix) - is repeated on the Aurora Remixes, but I've left it off here as being redundant.

Aurora Remixes

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