Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Over 30,000 visits in the last year!

I added that free counter at the bottom of this page early in September last year. Since then, Penetrating Insights has seen over 30,000 visits, wow.

I realise I've been a tad slack with the blogging as of late, but my scanner hasn't been working, and it has been the summertime after all... I do hope to be posting more often now that summer is at an end, and, for that matter, now that No No Zero is back up and running.

I have some sleazy stuff lined up - but I've learned not to actually announce such things before they happen because inevitably something then prevents them from happening. Suffice it to say, there should be record shares, scans, interviews, and much, much more!

Please stay tuned for lots of fun and stuff to come!

***Sept.10/09 - This'll teach me to be so self-congratulatory. My counter has gone back to 10000! Oh well, no keeping track of the action here, I guess.***

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