Friday, 11 September 2009

tonetta777 MP3s!

If you're following the saga of tonetta777, you'll know that Youtube closed his main account last month, leaving fans scrambling to upload their own copies of his videos and/or plead for favourites to be re-posted at his secondary account (tj1749).

Today I found a wonderful surprise in my in-box -- some kind anon has posted a link to nineteen tonetta MP3s! Lots of faves! In 320 yet! Sounding great, and what a super way to start the weekend.

I felt such riches deserved their own post, so here it is. Please feel free to make this your one-stop resource for tonetta MP3s, just add any relevant links to the comments and let's see if we can make our own box set.

tonetta MP3s!

Special thanks to the fabulous person who posted these! One million free internets to you!

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