Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Dusty Bible Does The Starkweather Fix!

I have spoken of the Nottingham (by way of Oshawa) Madman Dusty Bible here before, and told you of his having been in way-out bands like The Starkweather Fix or Designer Babies.

Like the wind, he is ever unpredictable, and the last few years have seen him move from a solo blues act (sometimes with fiddle accompaniment) billed simply as Dusty Bible, to psychedelic freakouts at Peter Gabriel's surreal Real World studios, to his latest musical expression -- "weird electro band" Din Din (from whose recent premier gig the photo above originates).

This post here is about a couple of choice Starkweather covers Dusty Bible recently sent my way - "Fucked Up" and "Shiveraltitude", both tracks originally appearing on The Starkweather Fix's sole CD, What The Swedish Butler Heard.

I'm pretty chuffed by both. I love the crazy noise breaks on "Fucked Up" and the insistent keyboard underneath the verses. Also how Dusty sings it in that wonderful, rich voice of his.

"Shiveraltitude", which The Starkweather Fix often opened our shows with, is here less the live powerhouse and more the slinky psycho cathouse, a great song for Dusty to lay down some tasty bluesy licks on. And some theremin at the tail of that beast for added spice.

Hope you dig 'em both!

Fucked Up

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