Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Starkweather Fix does Mai Lin!

Speaking of Mai Lin, here's an unreleased song my old band The Starkweather Fix did that is dedicated to the lady herself.

According to what I have written down, this was recorded way back on August 11th 1996 at Secret Swamp Studios in Oshawa (Jay's parent's basement), live straight to tape via 8-channel mixer. Unfortunately this is not the greatest copy of the tune, but it's all I have available at the moment. Thanks to Derek for the band photo.

I'm gonna send this out to Mr. Jay Matuschka as well as everybody who came out to yesterday's festivities at the Shwaltz. I'm really bummed I couldn't stick around for Anagram's set at The Atria.

Hope you enjoy --

Mai Lin

Mai Lin
mistress of sin
the gates of ecstasy are hers
and I want in

an Asian beauty
with long black hair
please pardon me
if I tend to stare (at)

Mai Lin (3x)

sucks dick
like I've never seen
my balls empty
when her movies are screened

a sense of humour
and that's high on my list
she's one porno star
I really miss (yaw)

Mai Lin (3x)


Anonymous said...

Wasn't this recorded in McKeever's basement?

Pius said...

Heh. C'est possible.

I have in my notes that it was recorded by Mr. Skid Marx (aka Tex Ranger of The Cleavers). I should ask him.

But yeah, could be McKeever's.