Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Anagram's Last Stand!

Anagram played their final show this past Friday the 13th at the Silver Dollar, preceded by solid sets from Cut Flowers and The Soupcans. I don't know what to say except that it was a great time and I saw some old friends and Anagram were fantastic. I woke up drunk the next day and felt pretty sad and confused for the next 48 hours or so, knowing IT was all over now. As if I hadn't lost enough clarity for one night, my prescription sunglasses vanished at the show too.

At some point on Saturday, I remembered that I might have bought Ivy Lovell's tribute zine on my way out the door of the club; I checked my coat pocket and there it was - "What A Mess", a lovingly compiled little booklet of live photos over the years with a bonus link to "RIP ANAGRAM", a collection of demos and live tracks. I'm listening to the songs right now and of course they're great stuff. I'm very glad I fumbled for that toonie. It's a shame I didn't pick up the very nice poster by Michael Deforge as well. I meant to and simply forgot, I guess.

I have a couple of crappy phone camera photos of Anagram's set. I have no memory of taking these at all.

RIP ANAGRAM 2003-2012

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sleazy Meanz - Elias Hell

The recent death of Ronnie Montrose had me contemplating some kind of loopy evisceration of Montrose's Rock Candy. Long story short, that didn't happen - but this did: a similarly bloody grafting of Elias Hulk's 1970 classic Nightmare with the soundtrack of Ron Ormond's 1974 Christian scare film The Burning Hell*.



For visuals, I used anything Hell or hellish - whether that be ancient Japanese Hell scrolls or already-crappy modern CGI. I put it all together over March, and then let it sit a week or so before I decided to unleash it here -- on Passover Weekend (!).

I hope you enjoy.

*let the record show that Vomit Squad** used footage from the film before this in their brilliant video for "Burning with Beelzebub".
**the last band No No Zero did a show with, back in December of 2011. And fun times were had.