Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Georges Pichard!

Georges Pichard (1920-2003) was not just an amazing erotic artist, but an amazing artist full stop - whose work ran the gamut from family-friendly comics to advertising illustration (including at least one album cover), superhero parody to classical adaptations, and - most famously - Pichard's erotic works, themselves ranging from whimsical, funny and fantastic to extreme S&M imagery that is still shocking all these years later.

Apparently, none other than Mr. Marvin Gaye was a fan.

From the Lambiek Comiclopedia --

"Pichard's style is immediately recognizable: he draws tall, well-endowed women, whose starry eyes with excessive make-up give them a teutonian and gothic look."

With the advent of high-speed internet, the diligent may be rewarded with volumes of Pichard's work in a single torrent; whether related or not, his art is certainly undergoing something of a resurgence of interest.

There is an "official site" up, but no content is currently available there.

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Anonymous said...

Pichard was a great artist!