Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Deutsche Banks! Ugly Stick! Live!

So tonight I ventured out for what is, sadly for me these days, a rather rare event: a live music concert, at Rancho Relaxo on College St. in Toronto. What was so important? What did I need so desperately to see and hear?

I could not miss the return of Ugly Stick, one of my favourite local bands; their last show, back in March of 2008, was covered here. Nor did I want to miss No No Zero guitar player Zak's debut performance with baby-fresh Bush League stepchild Deutsche Banks.

Deutsche Banks had the unenviable task of starting a four-band bill to a remote Toronto crowd, but they were busting it out like it was New Years Eve or something and I was instantly hooked on this sound - a potent blur of short songs with great choruses and hooks, and even fancy double-vocal parts. Very impressive set & I hope to catch another show soon.

After Deutsche Banks was a touring trio from Regina called Hot Blood Bombers. They had nice gear and kind of reminded me of Grand Funk Railroad, but weren't really my cup of tea.

Third up was Ugly Stick who, unbeknownst to me, no longer have Mark on drums (sorry, I don't know the new guy's name). ***Note: It's Brendan of The Midways!*** The set started with "Geek U" and ended with a raging "Betray Me", and I was a very happy concert attendee. Ugly Stick have got the knack & are able to rock both fast and slow & that's no small accomplishment. I certainly hope that we won't have to wait 13 months for their next show.

I left after Ugly Stick because, well, I like to go out on a high. And I was getting tired. So I missed Endangered Ape.


Alex C said...

Thanks for the kind review. Btw, our new drummer is Brendan. He also plays in the Midways and four other bands. We might play again if there's demand.

Pius said...

In that case, I demand more Ugly Stick shows.