Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Exploders in Detroit!

Back in the sweltering summer of 1999, The Exploders drove down to Detroit to record with the one Jim Diamond at his storied Ghetto Recorders studio.

A converted meat locker, Ghetto Recorders was the first place I had ever recorded in that wasn't a basement or living room. The booth was loaded with vintage porn mags and the room itself with vintage gear. I was in seventh heaven when Jim informed me that the microphone spit screen had not been cleaned since Andre Williams' classic "Greasy" album had been recorded there the previous year!

The Exploders recorded 14 tracks with Mr. Diamond, of which we released six across our first two 7"s - the first for Rip Off Records, and the second for Teenage USA.

Today I am happy to present one of the unreleased tracks we recorded there - a cover of Deja Voodoo's "Bad Book".

I'm gonna send this out to the generous Jeff Meier (of The Detroit Cobras and many other bands), who put us up while we were in Detroit. A true gentleman, he was - and I'm sorry I got a little hog wild on your stash there, Jeff.

The Exploders - Bad Book


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I cannot believe that was almost 10 years ago??? Thanks for making this site Pius keep on Rockin'