Friday, 9 January 2009

Gig Poster Gallery!

I have scanned enough old posters and flyers at this point that I thought some sort of gallery was in order, so that people could actually access this stuff.

I have therefore started a Gig Poster Gallery at flickr, reasoning that it would easier to display these files there all in one place rather than spread them out here at the blog (and rapidly use up all my allotted space for images here to boot). I will link to it here from now on, and may mention when I have put more stuff up or whatever.

As far as what it actually is we're talking about here, it's posters and flyers and whatnot from the Oshawa and Toronto area, circa 1992-??? Mostly stuff from shows my bands played at, but not exclusively. I'm just scanning whatever I can find in my vast files of assorted crap.

I've only got 30 files up at present but I have a lot more stuff to come, provided my scanner holds up.

So please do have a look at the gallery, and leave me a comment here or there. What do you think? Were you at any of these shows? Do you have any memories of these bands or venues?

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