Sunday, 11 October 2009

Real Horrorshow!

So, while a scant two people showed up in costume, and advertised opener Filthy Rich didn't make it out at all, a fun time was had by all last night at Mitzi's Sister, and at unusually high levels of volume.

I didn't bring a camera so I'll skip my usual play-by-play: suffice it to say that The Ultimatemost High and The Bon put on tight sets with good sound and plenty of turkey talk. No No Zero, playing this show as a quartet, blazed through an abbreviated set with abandon, dedicating "Full Release" to Dementia 13 DJ diva Christian Hamilton (spotted hanging out with The Bon earlier).

Above is a picture I believe Allyson (or Mike) took of us playing. Thanks for that.

And special thanks to Tracey. She serves it up so tasty I'm like to lick the plate!

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