Friday, 26 June 2009

Myra Made a Pottery Pig in the Poke!

So you may have read about Myra Hindley's little 'China Pig' with the wasp on its nose? Its creators' name now known to all, is this pottery piece destined for some sort of rehabilitative artistic re-evaluation? Will it become the subject of ceramic pilgrimages by thano-tourists? Vandalism and smashing by would-be do-gooders?

Did making this pig help Myra at all? Was it healing? Therapeutic? Were the insects her idea? How is the pig supposed to feel about all this, hypothetically? Is it funny? Did it make her laugh? Was she proud of it when it was finished?

The Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham will likely continue to have the attention of the UK for the next few days at least, and it may be interesting to see what fate befalls this most unlikley focus of outrage.

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