Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Album Re-Ups!

In lieu of having time for real posting here, I've been re-upping past album shares as single files when I can and I now have a few here to tell you about. These are now available in one zipfile as opposed to the individual MP3s I had before.

So - less clicking for you, the lazy surfer.

I'll be doing more as time goes on, but for the time being, here is:

Azonic - Halo
Azonic - Skinner's Black Laboratories tracks
Blind Alley - Ruby Kennel Club
Bodychoke - Five Prostitutes
The Cramps - Lonesome Town
The Curse - Teenage Meat
Gravitar - Live at the Gold Dollar, Detroit 1999
KK Null & James Plotkin - Aurora
KK Null & James Plotkin - Aurora Remixes
Loop - Live Limited Edition

Take note: with the exception of the Cramps 'slow songs' comp, these fine shares are all @ 320 kbps.

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