Saturday, 24 April 2010

More Re-Ups!

Yes yes, more zipfiles of previously posted tasty stuff. I have updated in 320 the following:

MJ Harris & Bill Laswell - Somnific Flux
Namanax - Cascading Waves of Electronic Turbulence
Namanax - Audiotronic
Namanax - Monstrous
Namanax - Bonus Trax (Namanax, Exit 13, Pica)
Ocosi - [IN]
The Starkweather Fix - What The Swedish Butler Heard
Terminal Cheesecake - Pearlesque Kings of the Jewmost
Total - Exploded Star Sad Servant


Anonymous said...

Total- track 3 is broken

Pius said...

OK, I just re-re-upped it, tested it and it's working. Let me know if you still have a problem.

Anonymous said...

it's OK, thanks

Adam said...

I keep getting "CRC Error" when I try to unpack the following tracks: Namanax: Released (in Bonus Trax) and Namanax: The Larval Stage (in Monstrous)

Pius said...

Both are working for me. Anyone else having problems?

l'innommable said...