Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tonetta's Record Is Out!

Black Tent Press out of Los Angeles, USA are now taking orders for Tonetta's debut LP (with CD included) -- 777! They have put the track listing up on their site and it is very interesting to see what songs were included and what songs didn't make the cut:

My Bro
Still a Slave
A Really Big Cock*
John and Yoko**
Metal Man
God Treats You Right
I'm Gonna Marry a Prostitute
My 10$ Axe
I'll Remain as I am
Drugs Drugs Drugs
Peeping Tom
Crucify Me
Believe Me People
Red White and Blue
You Got Too Much***
Toronto is Starting To Stink
Devil Devil

*originally posted on Youtube as Cock Rock; currently unavailable.
**posted on Youtube; currently unavailable.
***originally posted on Youtube as She's Got Too Much; currently unavailable.


It would appear BTP (or Tonetta himself) has opted for a songwriter-type collection, as opposed to the dancefloor sleazeathon I might have gone with myself. It's hard to say for sure as there quite a few songs here I'm not familiar with (which is itself exciting).

With only one slab o' wax to work with, you can't include everything of course -- it makes sense that for a debut recording, you want to show people the full range of Tonetta's talents; "777" appears to be just such a showcase. Note that Tonetta has his own Facebook page now and is soliciting ideas for tracks to be included on "777 Vol. 2"!

Personally, I'm a little sad not to see booming tracks like "Lean and Mean", "Death Sentence", "60000 Volts", "MMM! MAMA!" or "G & B Showers" here (maybe next time?) - but, on the other hand, we do have "$Viral$", "$10 Axe" and the already-classic "Drugs Drugs Drugs" to look forward to. Also the newer "Metal Man" and the sublime "Still A Slave". What the hey, I like all the songs here - though I might have gone with "Saddam" over "Red, White & Blue".

I just hope I can get one of these babies (only 500 pressed) before they sell out! Otherwise, I'm going to be making this face --

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