Sunday, 28 December 2008

Stinkies! Knuckledusters! Shuttlecocks!

I recently got my scanner hooked up and running, so I hope to be posting a fair amount of new content in the new year.

To start with, here's three polaroids from a hometown show The Starkweather Fix played Nov.25/95 at The Crow's Nest in Oshawa, with no less than three of our favourite Toronto bands at the time: The Shuttlecocks, The Knuckledusters, and The Stinkies. The family tree you could spin off these three bands alone is dizzying to contemplate. Basically, everybody here was a veteran with a fat CV.

The Knuckledusters and The Stinkies had recently put out a split 7" on Classy Craig's Trophy label, and I believe this was the same weekend The Stinkies recorded their one and only full-length "It's Fun & Easy To Put Together The Stinkies" with Brian Ruryk (a release which came out on Sympathy).

I took these, so I guess that's why there's no pictures of The Starkweather Fix playing.

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