Sunday, 21 December 2008

Catl Record Release!

No No Zero alumni Catl release their debut juke blues boogie record "¿Adónde vas? A ningún lado" (translates as "where are you going? Nowhere") next month, and this very blog played a (very) small part in it all.

You see, the fantastic poster just above these words - designed by the reliably awesome Fort Polio, who we have featured here before - is based on a certain photograph that appeared here back in June, after I caught a Catl show at The Boat in Toronto.

Mr. Catl and Mr. Johnny LaRue will be playing three shows next month: their residency at the Dakota Tavern continues January 3rd, and then the duo play a couple of release shows, first at the Silver Dollar in Toronto (Jan. 23), and then at Isabella's in Oshawa the following night.

The new record is being issued as a limited edition vinyl LP with a CD version of the record (avec extra tracks) included. It's about half scalding originals and half toasty classics, including faves by such luminaries as Leadbelly, Memphis Minnie, Fred McDowell, and Buh-Buh-Bob Dylan. You can listen to three tracks from Catl on the band's MySpace page.

The cover art is by Jeff Lemire, who you may recall also did the cover art for No No Zero's Rough Stuff album. Keep watching this space for more on Mr. Lemire and his great Catl sleevework.


Johnny LaRue said...

Thanks for this post. And thanks for the original picture. Moot point, but the version of Me and My Chauffeur on the myspace is not on the record. It's a cassette recording with a crappy mix by yours truly. Ragged and Dirty (also a cassette recording), is on the cd edit, but it was mixed by Jeff McMurrich. I only bring this up because I know you're such a stickler for the what's what. Take care.

Pius said...

I have corrected the write-up, thanks for clarifying that.