Saturday, 1 March 2008

Some Recent No No Zero Posters (Part One)

The posters for our last few gigs (as well as some we're playing in the next two weeks) are easily among the best posters I've had anything to do with in about sixteen years of doing shows.

It makes me really glad I'm still playing, frankly. The incredible colours are the most obvious difference between then and now, but there's an undeniable shift in the content too.

When I used to make posters for shows, for instance - and I would argue this was the norm at the time (1990s basically) - I was usually making some kind of collage or re-appropriating found images from magazines or newspapers or old books. Maybe doing some kind of quick sketch with a pen.

The present-day ubiquity of computers, and the know-how to use them in creating art - combined with an explosion in silk screen printing techniques - puts the simple typewriter, scissors and photocopier to shame, in my opinion.

But enough pedantic pondering. Let's just get to the posters already.

In chronological order:

First off, I have got to include the poster for our initial LP record release at the Silver Dollar, November 17th, 2006.

The superlative Michael Comeau, who also designed the artwork for The Exploders' sophomore silkscreened release, gave us this amazing poster (a larger version is available on our website).

Here's some more examples of Comeau's work.


Next up, Michal Majewski's poster for our January 25th show earlier this year at the now sadly defunct Velvet Elvis.

I want to be impartial about the artwork in these various posters because I think they're all really great, but - having said that - this is my fave. This is right up my alley. When I first saw it, I felt that rare flash of connection, that sense that whoever did this really gets it. It makes me feel all funny inside. Sorry the scan is so small.

Note that this poster features luminous paint and glows in the dark!

Here is an interview with Mr. Majewski, with more samples of his art.

And here is an earlier black and white version I have a flyer of.


Finally, this sweet poster for our January 26th show at the Silver Dollar, created by the always fantastic Fort Polio.

Check out more of that super style here. I love the candy apple green here. That bomb just POPS right out at you!

And now, because I have to work tomorrow morning, I shall close.

Next time, posters of shows to come.

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