Sunday, 16 March 2008

Last Two Shows / Rough Stuff hits the streets

Thursday we played Call The Office in London. We were supposed to be opening for The Black Halos, but their van broke down & stranded them in Thunder Bay. The bill wound up being Crash Kelly, Safety, your heroes, and Ceremonial Snips. One of these bands is not like the others.

We played a mean set, short a guitar due to work, but still way loud - loud enough to keep all in the club at a respectable distance, that's for sure (ha ha). The poster for the show was a crappy green photocopy of The Black Halos so I won't bother scanning it. I almost died driving back home through the fog way too fast.

Yesterday was the local CD release for Rough Stuff, a special matinée show, and the first time Stacey Case's Trash Palace cinema has featured live music. We had a blast playing & I heartily recommend the place to all - Stacey has done a real bang-up job with it, and I hope it will have bands playing for a long time to come.

The Weirdies played a stunning debut show and rocked the house with greasy tunes like "Dirty Goose" and "Party Over Here". Great drunk garage punk, no frills, all thrills. Be sure to catch their next show at Rancho Relaxo April 19th, with BBQ.

For our own part, we blazed through a good 14 songs in about 22 minutes with Black Mama, White Mama playing onscreen behind us. I loved the venue and would play there again in a heartbeat. Likely our last show for awhile and I'm glad to say we went out in style.


Speaking of getting Rough Stuff out on the streets, a little birdy tells me that an errant box of Rough Stuff LPs, left near the Horseshoe, was accosted yesterday by a gentleman who appeared to - shall we say - need money quickly.

Described as wearing purple pants and a pink girls top, this ne'er-do-well was later reported dancing about on Queen St. West in the area of the Black Bull trying to sell our records.

Please write me (or better yet send pictures) if you have seen this crack impromptu street team salesman at work. This is not a viral ad campaign, much as I might like to imagine it were.

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