Monday, 31 March 2008

omne animal post coitum triste est

"after sex, every animal is sad"

And so it is with playing a raft of shows. Or four in a fortnight in this case, which feels like a raft of shows for No No Zero. There's a strange sad kind of ache, as though one were missing a limb. The live show limb, which benefits from regular flexing.

The record itself however appears to be gathering steam with each new week, regardless of what the band is up to. There have been a lot of record reviews appearing, and they've been pretty positive for the most part provided you don't mind Jello Biafra comparisons. We've even got a CBC page on the band, which I find really bizarre and funny (but great too, don't get me wrong).

In addition, Rough Stuff has become available online not only through Signed By Force, but eMusic and Chapters/Indigo as well. I'm told that iTunes will also have it available soon.

So that, like a maggot crawling in your earhole, we will get in your head via earbuds and headphones and speakers, and make you choke your funky chicken and do the leg spazz shake.

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