Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Sphinxs Got An Album!

No No Zero brethren Chris Thief and Siânteuse are also both in Toronto powerhouse The Sphinxs (sort of formerly The Bang Bangs) and their debut album, long in the works, was mixed yesterday by Mixmaster Nyles Miszczyk, wahoo!

Not only that, but Tim McCready has posted "the single" off the yet to be released record -- the intriguing, pulsating, exotic, erotic, slightly-new wave-sounding, very-different-from-the-first-time-I-heard-it "Asia Minor". Listen to it 777 times!

Then go see them tonight at The Shop under Parts & Labour (1566 Queen St. W.) where they is playing and slaying with In The Red devils Davila 666 and local combo The Modern Superstitions.

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