Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Starkweather Fix's Turn For Videos!

So I have continued using iMovie to (fairly quickly) create 'videos' for Youtube, this time for a couple of tunes by my first band, The Starkweather Fix. First off, I tackled "Quickie" which, being all of ten seconds long, was not so challenging; a few pics of PG kneetremblin' action going down, a couple of band pics, and we're off to the races.

Next I tried that new mix of "Wet Blanket" that Neeler Peeler did last year on his Missing Tapes site. This track was a good minute and a half and I was trying to use all band-related pics - could I make it work? Well... I could've used more pics, no doubt about it, but a bit of repetition at the end is no big deal, I figure.

Hope you enjoy. I'll likely be adding some bands I dig in the coming days (I have a couple of White Flame tracks up already) so check back at my account. Who knows what we'll see posted?


Video for "Tourniquet", a song played only once, improvised live at the Different Drum Cafe in Oshawa, March 31, 1996

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