Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Really Big Shew at the Silver Dollar!

I've been trying to hold off actually doing a post on this announcement until I had the Ryan Halpenny poster art for it (which is going to rule), but I just can't wait any longer or I'll burst into tiny excited particles, so...

NO NO ZERO is playing two weeks from now, Thursday, May 26th, at the very fine Silver Dollar (486 Spadina Ave., Toronto) - and with quite a splendido bill lined up for all you wonderful people: three sweet bands and one sour host -- ha ha, no (that's my own sad attempt at comedy). He's a super-sweet guy and super-funny and super-hosty. If you're like me, you know him and you love him. He's the man -- NICK FLANAGAN!!!

As to the bands, things heat up with PROSIMII, who I am really looking forward to. This is Adam from (the always entertaining) LUNCHMEAT's new band and this is their very *first* show; come out to say you saw them back when... Folks attending the show will be getting a free five song EP from them as well (while supplies last - there's only 50). You can't beat that!

POW WOWS are a Toronto rock band with an impressive sound and an impressive record deal (putting out their "Nightmare Soda" LP on Get Hip) to go with it. I am thrilled they're playing with us, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them rip it up live. So don't talk to me while they're on, OK?

NO NO ZERO don't wanna disappoint when we're playing with such amazing company - so we come stacked this night with not one, not two, but *three* guitar playing fools onstage (including the return of Sweets Sweetland, this time playing a beautiful gold baritone guitar) -- pretty sure this is our first three-guitar show since Poster Show IV at the Legion Hall by the lake back in '09.

It's also probably going to be our last show for a bit, while we finish work on our new record, so don't miss it.


Approximate Set Times --
Promisii 10, Pow Wows 10:50, NNZ 11:40


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