Friday, 27 May 2011

What A Night!

Thanks to everyone who out to the Silver Dollar last night for what proved IMHO to be a very good show indeed. Punters trickled in slowly but there was a healthy crowd by the time super fresh trio Prosimii began their most excellent aural assault. I was really impressed and look forward to seeing them again soon, hopefully on a bill with us. The 50 free copies of their EP vanished in no time, and it is now available online here.

Nick Flanagan took the stage next (following perhaps the world's worst introduction, courtesy of moi) and people started heckling -- which is kind of strange since I'd just read a thread last week all about heckling (tons of excellent related video links) -- so I decided to get some fresh air in lieu of letting a growing tsunami of anxiety wash over me.

When I came back in, Pow Wows had started playing what turned out to be a pretty thorough set; I was pleased to hear they can pull their sound off live, and they do the whole three-part harmony thing with aplomb. They told me they haven't been at it very long, but they certainly play like seasoned pros, and I was very wowed indeed.

This time I stuck around for Nick's comedy and enjoyed it as I always do; special thanks to him for coming out and doing the show. I've known Nick a long time now and he's a great guy, a real class act, and of course very funny too. Get his new record "I'm Here All Weak" if you haven't already...

By the time we got on, it was pretty late and most folks had left for whatever came next. The flipside of that is that those remaining were hardcore freaks and drunks. Even though I'm now well into my Fat Elvis period, I was giving it 110%*, and the band played beautifully, and fun was definitely had.

This was an especially special show for No No Zero because it was our first one with the very sweet styles of 'Sweets' Sweetland (now on baritone guitar) in a few years, and our last one with Gideon Steinberg of the spectacular Soupcans. Don't expect to see us out for a bit as we mix our forthcoming record, and hopefully work on some new songs.

Thanks to all the bands, Nick Flanagan, Dan Burke, my wife for working the door, and Ireek Sofakia for uploading some footage from the show!

Bonus: Live video by Ireek of new song "Bite Me"

*even after falling backwards off the stage and onto a riser, as seen halfway though the first video at the top of the post. And yes, I am feeling that today, thanks...


scarfish69 said...

Well, there you go. You've still got a gig if No No Zero ever breaks up, an Elvis impersonator. From what I've seen of you, I could see you in one of those flashy, Las Vegas era suits. You'd have to keep the hair, though.

Good luck recording. I'm looking forward to hearing you guys in a studio.

Pius said...

Thanks, but the recording part's finished -- and I'm very happy with it. We just have to mix and master the thing now.