Sunday, 17 April 2011

No Sex!

Wow. Really? Saying no to sex is in? Fashionable?

Women are unhappy sexually. Men are making due with internet porn; growing impossible expectations in the process, or giving up the game altogether.

Is this true?

And is "the culture is still weirdly prurient about the idea of other people — particularly women — not having sex"? Are women not capable of being leaders because they're predisposed to being low in the sex drive department?

From the NY Times article:

"This kind of thinking is offensive and, actually, insane; sex isn’t the anti-kryptonite. But because we’re all post-Freudians, it’s as if we still believe sex equals strength, health and life; and therefore, not-sex equals weakness, illness and death."

Weakness, illness, and death. Sure sounds sexy to me.

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